Bulk Ingredients

We are a freeze dried ingredient manufacturer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. If you are looking for bulk / wholesale freeze dried fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy, you have come to the right place! Please complete our Enterprise application below to request access to our Enterprise site and to be connected with one of our amazing sales specialists.

Private Label 

There are many options for working on private label projects with Brooke & Bradford. We have standard ingredients that you can purchase wholesale from us and then sell under your own brand name. You can also commission our team to develop new and original products for you. We offer turn-key solutions to your food development needs. We can source ingredients, freeze dry, dehydrate, blend, package and ship your finished product for you. 


If you already have your own products and you need them to be filled, packed and shipped, we offer these services as well.

Contract Manufacturing Services 

Whether you opt to private/white label our products, or you need them co-packed here is a list of services that we provide to ensure that your products and packaging meet FDA and USDA guidelines, are produced safely, and are compliant in whatever state or country you would like to sell them in. Our contract manufacturing program includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Private/White labelling Brooke & Bradford® proprietary products
  • The use of our meat and poultry USDA bugs (icons)
  • A rider on our GFCO gluten-free certification
  • Label submission to the USDA for package approval
  • Label submission to GFCO for package approval
  • Nutrition panel development and analysis
  • Product testing for allergens, pathogens and microbial
  • Shelf stability and shelf life testing
  • Your products produced in an SQF certified, USDA and FDA inspected facility
  • Access to the Brooke & Bradford R&D team for new product development
  • Option to white label new flavors developed by Brooke & Bradford
  • Access to a variety of packaging types, sizes, materials and uses
  • Graphic design services
  • Photography services 
  • Barcodes from GS1
  • Filling, packaging and palletizing
  • Distribution logistics
  • Structured scalability for all product lines

Safe, Quality Food

As we elaborated on our About Us page, we are committed to providing safe, quality food. We have been certified by SQF, the number one global food safety and quality program in the world. This means that you can be assured that your ingredients, packaging and finished products are produced at the highest level of safety. Not only does SQF require safe food handling procedures, it also requires specific additions and standards for the facility itself. SQF also requires very strict supplier verifications and vetting. We only work with food and packaging suppliers that can give us all of the information we need to be able to trace the products and ingredients from where they originated, how they were produced, how they were packaged, and how they were delivered to our facility. We in turn provide the same level of detail when we issue product safety guarantees to our buyers. We welcome any questions you may have about safety, policies, and procedures. 

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