Brooke & Bradford’s freeze dried blueberries taste is if they were plucked right out of nature. They are perfect for use in many applications, including in cocktails, smoothies, pies, desserts, dipped in chocolate, and they are definitely delicious right out of the bag! We pride ourselves on being “clean label,” which means that our ingredients are only real fruit. Our products do not contain artificial flavors, fake sugars, anti-caking agents, coloring, or anything else. Just the good stuff. Snack without guilt on our “made with love in the USA” all natural blueberries!


Product Details

Ingredients: Freeze dried blueberries
Product Composition: Whole berries
Tasting Notes: sweet, stone fruit
Color: Blue, purple, black
Storage: Shelf stable. Store in dry, low moisture environments. Seal tightly in between uses.
Shelf Life: Guaranteed for 2 years. Expect little to no color changes over time.
Certified Gluten Free: Yes by GFCO
SQF Certified: Yes
Other Inspections: FDA

Purchasing Options

Single Small  Pouch
Case of 12 Small Pouches
Case of 50 Small Pouches
Case of 100 Small Pouches
Bulk 1 Lb Mini Case
Wholesale quantities (Contact Us for Information)
Also find our delicious berries in our Fruit Blend 

Small Blueberries Pouch

1 Pouch


Case of 12 Pouches


Case of 50 Pouches


Case of 100 Pouches




Small Blueberries Pouch

Item Number: FDF057, FDF093, FDF094, FDF095
Barcode: 854771007504

Servings: 1
Package Size: 4″ x 6″ x 2″
Product Volume: 5 ounces
Product Net Weight: .97oz (25g)

Minimum Order: 1 pouch


Blueberries 1 Lb Case



Berries & Yogurt 1 Lb Bulk

Item Number: CB003
Barcode: NA

Servings: 84
Package Size: 20″ x 18″ x 8″
Product Volume: 84 ounces
Product Net Weight: 1 Lb (453g)

Minimum Order: One bulk bag


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