Seasoned Ground Beef Pantry Pack

Pantry Pack

Already cooked, seasoned, and freeze dried, this lean ground beef is ready for your next culinary creation. Save time and money with Brooke & Bradford's freeze dried ingredients.

Why is this ground beef so awesome?

  • It does not need to be refrigerated 
  • Use as much or as little as you need
  • Just zip and store in your pantry for next time! 

How should I use this ground beef?

  • Add to tacos, nachos, omelets, skillets and stir fry
  • Try as a pizza topping, or in spaghetti
  • Use in casseroles, in a rich dish, or to make burritos

Preparation instructions

  • If adding to a recipe, simply add desired volume amount and it will reconstitute within the recipe

Microwave cooking instructions

  • Put desired about into a microwaveable bowl
  • Add a small amount of water; just enough to saturate
  • Cook in microwave for about 30 seconds



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