Vintage Merlot Sea Salt

Sea Salt

About- Vintage Merlot Sea Salt is a fusion of complex, rich red wine from Washington, and natural pure sea salt. Flavorful, with a slightly tart, gentle oaky finish makes this gourmet sea salt a flawless addition to any dish that features red wine. Perfect on steaks, with cheeses, and in balsamic vinegar. This salt will change the way you use salts and seasonings in your cooking. 

Suggested Uses- Perfect on steaks, chicken, roasted vegetables, with cheese, and in butter.

Ingredients- Sea salt, Merlot wine

Recipes- For recipes that include Vintage Merlot Sea Salt, visit our blog

Shaker Lid- This 4oz volume glass jar comes complete with a shaker lid, so it is ready to use as-is. 

Pre-Filled Grinders- To order Vintage Merlot Sea Salt pre-filled in a stainless steel and glass grinder, visit our small grinders, or our large grinders.

Other Pre-Filled Grinders-

visit our pre-filled sea salt and pre-filled peppercorn products.

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