Pink Peppercorns


 Pink peppercorns are the fruits of a plant from a different family as black, white, and green peppercorns. Pink peppercorns come from the Peruvian pepper tree, or its relative the Brazilian pepper tree. Pink peppercorns are not a true peppercorn (genus Piper), but since they are the same shape and size as true peppercorns, they are marketed under the name "pink peppercorn." They are used as a spice and have a lighter pepper-like taste.

The Peruvian and Brazilian pepper trees are ornamental and are found in California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas. If you have a Brazilian pepper tree, you can collect your own pink peppercorns. These pair well with seafood and in light sauces due to their pretty color and light taste.

For recipes using pink peppercorn, please visit our blog.

To purchase a grinder to grind your peppercorns, please visit our kitchenware section. We have large and small grinders that you can purchase empty, or purchase pre-filled with your choice of salts and peppercorns.


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