Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

Sea Salt

About- Using a special cold smoking process with natural flake sea salt, and real untreated hickory wood, Hickory Smoked Sea Salt is one of the most versatile salts in the world.

Suggested Uses- Try in stews, sauces, BBQ rubs, spice blends, and on poultry. Also use to add hickory smoked flavor to homemade curing blends for bacon and hams. Delicious on desserts too!

Ingredients- Sea salt

Recipes- For recipes that include Hickory Smoked Sea Salt, visit our blog

Shaker Lid- This 4oz volume glass jar comes complete with a shaker lid, so it is ready to use as-is. 

Pre-Filled Grinders- To order Hickory Smoked Sea Salt pre-filled in a stainless steel and glass grinder, visit our small grinders, or our large grinders.

Other Pre-Filled Grinders-

visit our pre-filled sea salt and pre-filled peppercorn products.

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