Black Hawaiian Sea Salt

Sea Salt

About- This alluring, exotic and sultry pure Pacific sea salt will remind you of the black sand beaches of Hawaii. The rich black color and crunchy grains add a very dramatic finish to any meal. 

Suggested Uses- Try this beautiful sea salt on seafood, grilled pork, or on roasted chicken. To add excitement to a drink, you can even use this salt on the rim of a cocktail!

Ingredients- Sea salt, activated charcoal

Recipes- For recipes that include Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, visit our blog

Shaker Lid- This 4oz volume glass jar comes complete with a shaker lid, so it is ready to use as-is. 

Pre-Filled Grinders- To order Black Hawaiian Sea Salt pre-filled in a stainless steel and glass grinder, visit our small grinders, or our large grinders.

Other Pre-Filled Grinders-

visit our pre-filled sea salt and pre-filled peppercorn products.

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