Freeze Dried Blackberries



Brooke & Bradford’s freeze dried whole blackberries are great in yogurt, on cereal, in cocktails, in berry pies, and anywhere else you would normally use delicious fresh berries!

Ingredients: Blackberries

Product Composition: Whole

Tasting Notes: Tart, sweet, crunchy

Color: Dark purple, black, dark red, dark blue

Country of Origin: Columbia

Storage: Shelf stable. Store in dry, low moisture environments. Seal tightly in between uses.

Shelf Life: Guaranteed for 2 years. Expect little to no color changes over time.

Certified Gluten Free: Yes

SQF Certified: Yes

Other Inspections: FDA

Purchasing Options:
Bulk 5 lb Mini Case
Larger Cases (Contact Us for Information)

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Purchasing Options

5 Lb Mini Case

Product: Freeze Dried Whole Blackberries

Item Number: FDF064

Barcode: NA

Minimum Order: 1 (one) 5lb Mini Case

Net Weight: 5 pounds bulk

Gross Weight: 5.1 pounds

Volume: 4 gallons

Dimensions: Varies

Package Material: Black polyethylene bag

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